Committee Members

MISSION STATEMENT: Creating and supporting activities that promote good health, active lives and engage residents.

VISION STATEMENT: The committee is dedicated to making Chelsea the BEST place to live, work and play. To make our town one where residents can enjoy quality of life through all its stages.

GUIDING PRINCIPLES: We partner with other programs and organizations to expand the scope and reach of their programs in our community. We do not compete, we collaborate. We respect and work collaboratively with our municipal departments. We listen to what residents want and need to thrive in Chelsea. We value and respect their input in how decisions and changes are made. Our Age-Friendly work is inclusive. We respect and celebrate people of all ages, ethnicity, backgrounds and economic status.

Dot Grady ~ Co-Chair

Patti Fredette ~ Co-Chair

Lori Milner ~ Secretary

Wilma Ware ~ Treasurer

Marion Bowman

Mary Szwec