Welcome to Chelsea

“Gateway to the Capital”


Absentee Ballot Requests are now available

If you would like a ballot sent to you for voting on July 14, 2020 please print, fill out and return the request form. Ballots will be sent to you when they are available.

Click here for a request form

Request a ballot from Maine.gov


Spectrum Generations is now offering all Chelsea residents over 60 years of age Meals on Wheels. If you wish to have meals delivered to your Chelsea home you should call 1-800-639-1553 weekdays between 8AM and 4:30PM to speak with a staff member.


The Town Office is closed to the public.

If you need to reregister or register your motor vehicle the forms below can be printed, completed at home and either mailed or dropped off at the Town Office. You can also call 582-4802 to schedule an appointment. Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card.

Re-Reg. Form by Mail

New Reg.  Form Dealer Purchase by Mail

New Reg. Form Private Sale by Mail


The Town Office remains closed to the Public.

While the Town Office is closed, we are working to make meetings as accessible as possible. We will be teleconferencing using Zoom, which will also allow Staff and Selectboard to attend without gathering in the Chelsea Conference Room. The invitation to the Zoom meeting will provided to anyone requesting an invite prior to the meeting.

If you have mobile device and have not previously used Zoom, you may be asked to download the free app. On a desktop, it may also take a moment to install Zoom.


Get up to date information on the COVID-19 Virus by clicking on the Maine Center of Disease Control website below

Click here for current information

Other information is available by dialing 2-1-1 on your phone


Chelsea Heart and Soul Committee

The Committee is working hard to find out what matters most to Chelsea residents. Everyone’s involvement is the key to success.

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Togus Stream conservation….interested??

Togus Stream runs along the Pittston/Randolph town line and runs east into Chelsea and Pittston.  The Chelsea Conservation Commission has formed a small committee with an interest in the conservation of this Stream.  They are looking for any interested persons from Randolph and Pittston to join them in their efforts. 

The Stream is home to alewives, trout, and Atlantic salmon. Bald Eagles and Osprey are frequent visitors to this resource.  It also can be a challenging white water canoe run at very high water in the spring. It also has a number of large freshwater wetlands which are prime waterfowl habitat.

If you are interested in helping to conserve the resources of Togus stream, please contact Alec Giffen in Chelsea at 207/215-1947 or alecgiffen@gmail.com


The Town Report is available electronically

Click here to view the 2019 Town Report

The Town Audit is available electronically

Click here to view the Chelsea 2018 Audit

The Selectboard has approved a Public Salt/Sand Shed Use Policy

Click here to view the Public Salt Sand Policy

Residents wishing to get sand must sign the attached release form and return it to the Town Office before sand can be obtained

Click here for a copy of Sand Pile Release Form to sign and return


Chelsea is Live Streaming its meetings

Selectboard meetings can be viewed live. Meetings are also archived for watching later.

The meetings can viewed by clicking here.


Chelsea has numerous vacancies on various Boards and Committees.

Click here for the Volunteer Application

Did you know Chelsea Recycles?

Click here for the ecomaine recyclopedia

Recycling bins are available at the Town Office

Do you have a property assessment question?

Taxpayers with assessing question are encouraged to call first to schedule an appointment to avoid waiting by calling 207-582-4802

Currently Office hours are suspended:

2019 Assessor Office Hours – Subject to change

The assessor will be in Chelsea on the following dates :

September 26 October 10 October 24
November 14 November 28 December 12 December 26