Welcome to Chelsea

“Gateway to the Capital”



Annual town meeting season is amping up. As the proposed budget is being reviewed by the Municipal Officers and Budget Committee, the Town Clerk has prepared nomination papers for numerous open positions within the town of Chelsea.
Open positions include:
Municipal Officer– one for a three-year term
Board of Appeals– two for two-year terms and two for three-year terms
Board of Assessment Review– one for a one-year term, two for two-year terms and two for three-year terms
Budget Committee– one for one-year term and one for three-year term
Planning Board– two for one-year terms and two for three-year terms

Reach out to Town Clerk Mitchell with any questions.

Please consider serving your hometown. Some of these boards and committees meet very infrequently. The results received from your volunteerism are immense and not measurable…… YOU WILL BE PLEASED.



The Municipal Officers will be holding two workshops in the upcoming weeks.
* FY2024 Budget Workshop | 6pm | Chelsea Town Office 3/1/2023
* FY2024 Budget Workshop for Budget Committee | 6pm| Chelsea Town Office 3/15/2023
* Community Resiliency Grant Workshop | 5:30 pm | Chelsea Town Office 3/7/2023
WHEREAS, the Town of Chelsea has completed the Community Resilience Partnership’s Self-Assessment and List of Community Actions, and will hold a community workshop on March 7, 2023 which will prioritize the following action areas:
• Executing a plan for municipal buildings to include energy efficiency and weatherization,
• Install heat pumps or VRF system for air and water heating/cooling in municipal buildings,
• Purchase and place into service technological devices for the Selectboard to use thus eliminating increasing amounts of paper use,
• Upgrade streetlights and other lighting for municipal owned facilities to LED’s, and;
WHEREAS, investing in energy efficiency and weatherization improvements is proven to lower utility costs and make buildings more comfortable for employees and visitors, and;
WHEREAS, the Community Resilience Partnership provides grants to municipalities for activities to lower energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and increase community resilience in alignment with the state’s climate action plan and goals, and;
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town of Chelsea committed to participating in the Community Resilience Partnership, which supports community leadership in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing resiliency to extreme weather and climate change impacts, and;
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Town of Chelsea designates Christine Landes, Town Manager, to coordinate planning, implementation, and monitoring of energy and resilience projects and to be the primary point of contact to the Community Resilience Partnership.


The Town Office is putting together a book of business cards for all local businesses in Chelsea.  The book will be available to the public upon request.

Please bring us your business cards if you would like to be included.


Attention Residents

The Digital Equity Center will provide eligible Chelsea residents with no or low cost tablets and internet. The number to call for more information is 207-259-5010. Click here for more information.

Free tutoring and classes are also available.

ATV, Snowmobile and Boat Registrations

So that we may better and more accurately serve you, please be aware that when registering or re-registering any recreational vehicle it is required that you present at least one of the items listed below for the vehicle being registered:

  1. Previous Registration
  2.  Photo of prior or previous Maine registration sticker on vehicle
  3. VIN/Serial number or photo
  4. MOSES ID # from the registration

Automobile Re registrations (Renewals)

 The following items are required for renewal of an automobile registration:

  1. Previous Registration (if unavailable, must provide license plate number and class/type)
  2. Proof of insurance
  3. Current mileage

The Select Board have approved a Public Salt/Sand Shed Use Policy

Salt Sand Public Policy

Did you know Chelsea Recycles?

Click here for the ecomaine recyclopedia

Recycling bins are available at the Town Office

Do you have a property assessment question?

Taxpayers with assessing question are encouraged to call first at 207-582-4802 to schedule an appointment.

2023 Assessor Office Hours – Subject to change

The assessor will be in Chelsea on the following dates :

    February 21, 2023  March 7, 2023     March 21, 2023  April 4, 2023
April 18, 2023 May 2, 2023 May 16, 2023 June 6, 2023
June 20, 2023 July 18, 2023 August 1, 2023 August 15, 2023
September 5, 2023 September 19, 2023 October 3, 2023 October 17, 2023
November 7, 2023 November 21, 2023 December 5, 2023 December 19, 2023